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The West Shore School District is committed to providing all students with a quality education to prepare them to be responsible and successful citizens.


ProbStatsModule1.pdfProbStatsModule1Fasick, Jennifer
Precalculus Module 1.pdfPrecalculus Module 1Fasick, Jennifer
GeomEssModule3.pdfGeomEssModule3Fasick, Jennifer
AlgebraII Essentials Module 3.pdfAlgebraII Essentials Module 3Fasick, Jennifer
AlgebraII Essentials Module 2.pdfAlgebraII Essentials Module 2Fasick, Jennifer
AlgebraII Essentials Module 1.pdfAlgebraII Essentials Module 1Fasick, Jennifer
AlgebraII Module04.pdfAlgebraII Module04Fasick, Jennifer
GeomModule2.pdfGeomModule2Whye, Jamie
GeomEssModule2.pdfGeomEssModule2Whye, Jamie
GeomEssModule1.pdfGeomEssModule1Whye, Jamie
GeomModule1.pdfGeomModule1Whye, Jamie
CalcModule2.pdfCalcModule2Whye, Jamie
CalcModule1.pdfCalcModule1Whye, Jamie
APStatsModule2.pdfAPStatsModule2Whye, Jamie
APStatsModule1.pdfAPStatsModule1Whye, Jamie
APCalcModule2.pdfAPCalcModule2Whye, Jamie
APCalcModule1.pdfAPCalcModule1Whye, Jamie
AlgebraII Module03.pdfAlgebraII Module03Whye, Jamie
AlgebraII Module02.pdfAlgebraII Module02Whye, Jamie
AlgebraII Module01.pdfAlgebraII Module01Whye, Jamie

 Pacing Guides

Folder: Engineering and TechnologyEngineering and TechnologySanders, Brinley
Folder: Business and MarketingBusiness and MarketingSanders, Brinley
Folder: Computer ScienceComputer ScienceSanders, Brinley
Folder: LibraryLibraryWhye, Jamie
Folder: MusicMusicStine, Christopher
Folder: PE - FCS - Driver EdPE - FCS - Driver EdSystem Account
Folder: World LanguageWorld LanguageSystem Account
Folder: Social StudiesSocial StudiesSystem Account
Folder: ScienceScienceSystem Account
Folder: MathMathSystem Account
Folder: ELAELASystem Account
Folder: ArtArtSystem Account
WSSD Local Literacy Plan.pdfWSSD Local Literacy PlanWhye, Jamie