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The West Shore School District is committed to providing all students with a quality education to prepare them to be responsible and successful citizens.


Folder: ESLESLWhye, Jamie
Folder: MIDDLEMIDDLEWhye, Jamie

 Pacing Guides

Grade 8 Pre Algebra Pacing Guide .pdfGrade 8 Pre Algebra Pacing Guide Sanders, Brinley
Grade 8 Algebra 1 pacing guide.pdfGrade 8 Algebra 1 pacing guideSanders, Brinley
Grade 8 Geometry pacing guide.pdfGrade 8 Geometry pacing guideSanders, Brinley
Grade 7 Algebra Pacing Guide.pdfGrade 7 Algebra Pacing GuideSanders, Brinley
Grade 7 Math pacing guide.pdfGrade 7 Math pacing guideSanders, Brinley
Pre-Algebra Pacing Guide .pdfPre-Algebra Pacing Guide Sanders, Brinley
Grade 6 Pre Algebra  Pacing Guide.pdfGrade 6 Pre Algebra Pacing GuideSanders, Brinley
Math 6 Pacing Guide .pdfMath 6 Pacing Guide Sanders, Brinley
Math 6A Pacing Guide .pdfMath 6A Pacing Guide Sanders, Brinley
Accelerated Math 6 Pacing.pdfAccelerated Math 6 PacingWhye, Jamie
Core 7 Pacing Guide.pdfCore 7 Pacing GuideWhye, Jamie
Pre-Algebra Applications 8 Core 8.pdfPre-Algebra Applications 8 Core 8Whye, Jamie
Gr.6  Pre-Algebra Pacing Guide.pdfGr.6 Pre-Algebra Pacing GuideWhye, Jamie
Gr.7  Pre-Algebra Pacing Guide.pdfGr.7 Pre-Algebra Pacing GuideWhye, Jamie
6th Grade Math Pacing Guide.pdf6th Grade Math Pacing GuideSystem Account
8th Grade Geometry Pacing Guide.pdf8th Grade Geometry Pacing GuideSystem Account
8th Grade Pre Algebra Pacing Guide.pdf8th Grade Pre Algebra Pacing GuideSystem Account
Algebra I Pacing Guide.pdfAlgebra I Pacing GuideSystem Account