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The West Shore School District is committed to providing all students with a quality education to prepare them to be responsible and successful citizens.


Folder: ESLESLWhye, Jamie
Folder: MIDDLEMIDDLEWhye, Jamie

 Pacing Guides

Folder: HS 2018HS 2018Sanders, Brinley
Pacing Guide Music 8.docx.pdfPacing Guide Music 8.docxSanders, Brinley
Pacing Guide Music 7.docx.pdfPacing Guide Music 7.docxSanders, Brinley
Pacing Guide Music 6.docx.pdfPacing Guide Music 6.docxSanders, Brinley
Chorus 6-8 Pacing Guide.xlsx - Chorus 6-12.pdfChorus 6-8 Pacing Guide.xlsx - Chorus 6-12Sanders, Brinley
7-8th Grade Orchestra Pacing Guide.docx.pdf7-8th Grade Orchestra Pacing Guide.docxSanders, Brinley
7-8th Band Pacing Guide.docx.pdf7-8th Band Pacing Guide.docxSanders, Brinley
6th Orchestra Pacing Guide.docx.pdf6th Orchestra Pacing Guide.docxSanders, Brinley
6th Band Pacing Guide.docx.pdf6th Band Pacing Guide.docxSanders, Brinley
Grade 5 Instrumental Ensemble.docx.pdfGrade 5 Instrumental Ensemble.docxSanders, Brinley
Grade 4 Instrumental Ensemble.docx.pdfGrade 4 Instrumental Ensemble.docxSanders, Brinley
Gen Music K Pacing Guide.pdfGen Music K Pacing GuideSanders, Brinley
Gen Music 5 Pacing Guide.pdfGen Music 5 Pacing GuideSanders, Brinley
Gen Music 4 Pacing Guide.pdfGen Music 4 Pacing GuideSanders, Brinley
Gen Music 3 Pacing Guide.pdfGen Music 3 Pacing GuideSanders, Brinley
Gen Music 2 Pacing Guide.pdfGen Music 2 Pacing GuideSanders, Brinley
Gen Music 1 Pacing Guide.pdfGen Music 1 Pacing GuideSanders, Brinley
Pacing Guide Concert Choir.pdfPacing Guide Concert ChoirStine, Christopher
Pacing Guide Comp Musicianship.pdfPacing Guide Comp MusicianshipStine, Christopher
Pacing Guide ChamberSingers.pdfPacing Guide ChamberSingersStine, Christopher
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