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The West Shore School District is committed to providing all students with a quality education to prepare them to be responsible and successful citizens.


Folder: ESLESLWhye, Jamie
Folder: MIDDLEMIDDLEWhye, Jamie

 Pacing Guides

Folder: HS 2018HS 2018Sanders, Brinley
Folder: Middle SchoolMiddle SchoolSanders, Brinley
Metal Technology Pacing Guide.pdfMetal Technology Pacing GuideFasick, Jennifer
Mechanical engineering CC pacing guide.pdfMechanical engineering CC pacing guideFasick, Jennifer
Material Processing Pacing Guide.pdfMaterial Processing Pacing GuideFasick, Jennifer
Graphic Tech 3 PacingGuide.pdfGraphic Tech 3 PacingGuideFasick, Jennifer
Graphic Tech 2 PacingGuide.pdfGraphic Tech 2 PacingGuideFasick, Jennifer
Graphic Tech 1 Pacing Guide.pdfGraphic Tech 1 Pacing GuideFasick, Jennifer
Graphic Tech 1 RL Pacing Guide.pdfGraphic Tech 1 RL Pacing GuideFasick, Jennifer
EET2 Pacing Guide.pdfEET2 Pacing GuideFasick, Jennifer
EET1 Pacing Guide.pdfEET1 Pacing GuideFasick, Jennifer
Construction Tech Pacing Guide.pdfConstruction Tech Pacing GuideFasick, Jennifer
Applied Engineering RL Pacing Guide.pdfApplied Engineering RL Pacing GuideFasick, Jennifer
Advanced Woodworking Pacing Guide.pdfAdvanced Woodworking Pacing GuideFasick, Jennifer
Pacing Guide Arc. Digest -CADD.docxPacing Guide Arc. Digest -CADDWhye, Jamie
Pacing Guide Arc. Digest -CADD.pdfPacing Guide Arc. Digest -CADDWhye, Jamie
Mechanical Engineering Pacing Guide.pdfMechanical Engineering Pacing GuideSystem Account
Networking 1 Pacing Guide.pdfNetworking 1 Pacing GuideSystem Account
Networking 2 Pacing Guide.pdfNetworking 2 Pacing GuideSystem Account
Photo 2 Pacing Guide.pdfPhoto 2 Pacing GuideSystem Account
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